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These velvet drapes will make your house full of beauty!

Velvet is a special woven loom that weaves about two thicknesses of the very material at a time. Those two pieces are cut apart and a pile like effect is created. The two lengths of fabric are wound separately so that the materials can take-up rolls. Just like the silk this process is also complicat…

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Buy online dupioni silk curtains & drapes

A change in the home décor is admired by everyone and presence of new curtains refreshes up one’s mind. The new drapes can change the look of your room and the entire house. They can make it feel warmer or cooler, depending on the color you choose.

The dupioni silk curtains help in keeping…

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The lovely Linen draperies are here!

Linen is a fabric manufactured from a plant called as flax. Its manufacturing process is a bit complex but interesting. The flax seed is planted and after three months it flowers and is then ready to harvest. The flax plant is left in water for some days to get rotten but softens & before rot happen…

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