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Easy drapes that’ll make your day!

The drapes are a remarkable and an affordable option for the home, office or any room’s decoration. They decorate as well as help in a lot of things like preventing dust etc. They are useful, look good at the same time and are easy to purchase. You must have seen the drapes on the aisle of your local department store thinking about which curtain would go right with your room? Most of us have been there a lot and meet the most confused stage of choosing drapes in such a short time. Yes, at the local stores one gets a little time to choose. How long can you stare on a fabric for your new curtains?

People even stand for long in that looking at the same fabrics over and over again but get nothing. Even after that, in a shop it is hard to land on a conclusion & it’s also physically exhausting. Well, it becomes easy if you shop them online because then you get a lot of time. It’s a convenient, time saving and a better way of shopping. Just sit back in your couch or bed comfortably, keep scrolling the screen, take your time and pick the right curtain. Take your time and choose the ones you want starting from living room to the window curtains.

Purchasing online is easy and exciting. It has made it easier for sure but it’s important to buy bedroom curtains from a safe place. Quality is the key factor whenever one chooses the curtains because if they are of poor quality it can be spotted at once and they will ruin all your efforts in a jiffy.

 Therefore, choose the experts and the right website and if you are confused then we’ll tell you right here. Check Spiffy spools to end all your confusions and buy the quality curtains.

Right size custom curtains and drapes are the right choice

Curtains and drapes are an important home accessory. They are used for decoration, enhancing the appearance, creating a theme and even are useful at the same time. These decorative pieces are not just for enhancing the value of the place but also are purposeful. They avoid unwanted lights, eyes, dust, and eyes. It’s easy to purchase the curtains these days as they are available locally as well as online but remember to check the quality. Well, in spite of such convenience there is a secret formula to get the best curtains. We at Spiffy Spools will tell you about this because we are the drapery experts and know the A – Z of the curtain’s world. The secret lies in the size and the measurements. Yes, if your place is wider then go for extra wide curtains and not anything else. Don’t settle for anything lesser than that otherwise, you’ll get a ruined look. You need to specify the measurements. If your gateway’s length is a little longer than the other ones then only go for extra-long curtains. Buy the right size custom drapes from here.

Spiffy Spools has a huge variety-

Come to the website link given here and you’ll get the ideal drapes. This online store has a huge variety of drapes. If you’re not able to find the drapes of the right measurement then there is an option to get the custom curtains. Order the extra-long curtains for your home or office right now.

Come to the website in one tap-

Tap the link given below and order you extra wide curtains now. Make your space look different than the others and make it look extremely pretty with the perfectly matched and fitted drapes. What are you waiting for? Tap the link now.

Sleep peacefully using the best white blackout curtains!


White has a positive connotation as opposed to the black. A color associated with light, goodness, innocence, purity, as well as virginity has been so pure ever since centuries. It is considered to be the color of peace, serenity, and perfection. White means safety, purity, and cleanliness that is why it’s mostly used at the holy and religious places, in Christian weddings, hospitals, etc. This shade goes well with all the other primary and secondary colors. When it comes to the drapes the blackout curtains are preferable.



They are always a ‘yes’ except for the people with toddlers and kids. They look extremely beautiful and graceful at homes, classy at the office and complete the reposeful picture at the church. Nobody gives a second thought to the best white blackout curtains as they are the fabulous color for a fabric curtain. Also, the added advantage is that they can cut off the light completely. Stay away from the irritating unwanted light that too without the color black. Be healthy by sleeping in a sufficient amount.


Select your color wisely-


The color is a powerful communication tool and has been so from years. It can be used to signal action, influence the mood, and even influence the physiological reactions. Each color is associated with increased blood pressure, increased metabolism, and even eye strain. When it’s about white blackout curtains one doesn’t have to worry about all these things because white gives peace as well as re-energizes.


Come on buy them now from the Spiffy Spools website. Let them be your sleeping pill and notice the difference. The best white blackout curtains will keep you fresh throughout the day as they will give you a good night’s sleep. Tap the link and grab the pill!

Blackout shades are the eye shadows for your windows!

Drapes are the most common decorative element one finds is every house. People might have a different taste when it comes to decorating a house but with drapes, things are almost the same. They are the best and useful idea to decorate the doors and windows. There is a variety and several styles to choose from in terms of color, fabric, material, pattern, etc. They can be chosen as per the requirement. For example – There are bedroom curtains that can be hanged in your favorite room where you spend most of your time, relax, sleep and enjoy.

 These curtains promote a good night plus a good days sleep. They avoid the unwanted light to come inside by cutting it completely. It’s possible due to the thick fabric it is made up of and this is the reason why they are called by that name. If you want to hang them in any room you want then too they are a great option. Go for the room darkening curtains order them online for the Spiffy Spools website. They are drapery expert and will give you the best quality curtains. Order them right now and they will deliver it to you with love. Also, if you aren’t a curtains & drapes type of person then go for the blackout shades.

Drapes that’ll win your heart-

At Spiffy Spools you will get the premium quality drapes that are made with love just for you. They have the linen, sheer, velvet, and even the room darkening curtains. All the drapes are the best version of fabric and color they display. ‘Quality’ is the promise here so buy from them without any second thought.  Place the bedroom blackout curtains for a night like a day. And have a look at all their other products at the website link.

The finest custom made curtains at SpiffySpools

Curtains and drapes are the decoration pieces and also serve an important purpose of keeping the unwanted away. They cut the light, dust, absorb sound to some extent, and block the prying eyes. There are various types of curtains like extra long curtains, custom drapes, window curtains etc and one of the most common ones is the custom ones as they the perfect fit. Making custom drapes is an art and it is known right to the makers at Spiffy Spools. They catch the nerve of the client’s requirement and stitch the fabric and design closest to their imagination. Their experience and dedication have earned them the title of drapery experts in the entire region.



Every product from their store is unique as it has the best quality threads and dye used. Also, all their designs are tailor-made and the latest ones as per what trending on the market. Have look at the most stylish and classy curtains online. They are surely going to win your heart. C’mon what are you waiting for? Simply tap the link below to enter the biggest online drape shop. Discuss in detail with the team members and craft your design with them as well as re-check the measurements. You will get affordable rates and free shipping too.


Get your custom drapes made from them this time and you will be stunned with the results. Always go for the quality drapes and a trusted name for purchasing them. Be ready to receive the compliments for your new drapes made with love only from Spiffy Spools.  Your hunt to the curtains online ends here-


The curtains are a useful and mandatory add-on. A place looks naked without them and seems to miss that spice. Get the custom made curtains right now for the perfect fit & the best price. Tap the link without any delay.

Decorate your home with the beautiful curtains

The drapes are a piece of cloth intended to block or obscure light and without them the home décor is incomplete. The sheer curtain panels as the name suggests they are made up of very thin and light fabric. There’s nothing to be unsure about them because they work really well. In spite of being sheer these insure safety and do all the work a curtain can. They bring an element of privacy as well as keep the dust and unwanted eyes away.

The white sheer curtains can also be paired with some other fabric curtains to bring different look and theme. It’s not necessary that they should be paired with any other fabric but also the white ones can be paired with any color.  It can be paired with red for a romantic look, with black for a classy look, with silver or golden to a peppy and jazzy theme. In that case they can be used in a variety of places at home. If you are looking for something stylish and beautiful then just go for the window sheers dress. But to make it the way you want you can add the linen and other types of fabric.

Get the graceful whites-

The graceful white drapes are a want for everybody. They are light, with sheer fabric which brings and gives more luxurious feel. These curtains are one of the best ways to pull a master bedroom together and make it look pretty. The Spiffy spools have a collection of white sheer curtains to help you find the right style for your own design scheme. Pick the one that suits your style and theme. Get the finest sheer curtain panels at the website.

The White Blackout Curtains means Darkness!

The curtains are a core part of the home decor. They are useful and can be found in every corner of the house as a whole. The living room, drawing room, kitchen and even the bathrooms have them. But there significance is relatively high in the rooms. Yes, one might avoid or forget using them in the living room and go for something else but for the room they are a must have accessory. Not only for beauty but for better use it’s all because drapes bring a sense of privacy and keep the unwanted away.

Therefore, in the bedroom and other rooms they should always be there. Any places where one takes rest and sleeps should have drapes. The drapes enhance the quality of sleep they avoid unnecessary light, dust, unwanted eyes and even the sound. The drapes let in the fresh air. Excess light destroys quality sleep maybe in the afternoon and even at night. The blackout drapes are perfect for such homes but there might be a disadvantage associated with them. It is that they produce darkness as we all know that dark colours keep it dark and hot. Therefore, if you are living in a country which is already hot don’t go for black coloured room darkening. Instead choose the curtains online they’ll keep it dark but cool and bright at the same time. Check out the website given below-

Say “pitch dark it is”-

The white blackout curtains will keep it pitch dark inside with a hint of brightness. They can do it in the afternoon and even at night. These curtains are white in colour which makes them perfect for any room and its name. Grab the white blackout curtains from Spiffy Spools right now.

Curtains are something extraordinary!

There is always a fight and a compromise when it comes to choosing the perfect drapes. Sometime if the length is fine then there is a snag with the design. Other times, one can't find a color he or she wants. If the color, design, texture, pattern is desirable then the length isn't long enough. There is something not working and due to it, even one cannot decide whether to take extra long curtains or the wide ones. There is no oracle which could predict the things or a teacher who can explain the trivial curtain matters.

Well, all this doesn’t mean that you will have to settle for a type you do not like. Sure, to your luck there is one @ Spiffy Spools. They are the drapery experts and you can even chat with them on the website. Yes, they have some extraordinary drapes. Discuss the extra wide curtains and other curtain related topics. They have everything starting from the best fabrics to modern designs. Click the website link below and have a look at all the products. There is going to be no problem while you are shopping with them because they sell their custom curtains. There would be no issues like color, design, and size. It is easy and fun to shop from the best online curtain shop.         

Decide it between extra wide or extra long?

Is it hard for you to decide between extra long curtains or the other types? Don't worry the spiffy spools will make it easy and simple for you. Come to their website and have a look at all the ravishing drapes. Purchase the extra wide curtains if you want them and make your home a happy place. Tap the link and you can let the magic happen because fit curtains are fabulous.

Curtains Advise the Room!

People don’t give much importance to the drapes and curtains of their house. It is obvious as there seems no sense in thinking much about mere pieces of fabric that are hung at a certain height. Well, things don’t end here as these pieces advise the room and help it to become the best version of itself.  Have the power to give a certain kind of you to a room. If very stylish and nicely designed curtains are chosen it adds the glam factor and some kind of stunning essence to the place.  Other times they can be chosen as per the requirement and purpose ones want to solve. If there is a search no specific requirement and one is only thinking to make the place more beautiful then sheer curtains panel can be the best option. They are available on Spiffy Spools the website it’s the best price. It sells only quality products and the finest fabrics. All the curtains and drapes are stitched with love. Open the website and choose from the display the drapes you like or simply pick the window sheers.

Sheer drapes never age-

Sheers are being used from the 90’s and still most homeowners like them. Sheer curtains panel are highly functional with the ability to filter and diffuse light. In the daytime they can retain some privacy. While at need the pairing with opaque ones works the best. The real problem comes when we talk about the windows. They are the words which need special treatment. Therefore, window sheers work the best for them and look really beautiful. One can close the window and close the curtains for a complete privacy. Other times just draw them for some light and an easy breezy look in your room.


Order the Custom Curtains Online & We’ll Deliver Them to Your Doorstep

Until a few years ago, personalized products were not that common. They were pretty much limited to a small circle. Only the brands and big names use to go for them. Today the things have change and everybody wants a star like feel. Therefore, they go for custom products. These days’ custom curtains are also available. These give the best look because they appear wonderful due to the perfect fit. There can be hand-made custom curtains and drapes which are crafted from luxury fabrics in a wide range of styles to fit your home or office décor. The custom-made fabric valances and a cornice board for distinguished and a finished look. Also, get the alterations done in the curtains you like and make them customized for you. What are you waiting for? Tap the link and buy the best custom drapes now.

Get Your Curtains Online at The Best Price

The custom curtains online at Spiffy Spools operate with innovation and uniqueness. Get it done the way your requirement demands it. The curtains which are not of a perfect size look really bad. They ruin the overall look. No matter how good the fabric & the stitching is if the size is no right it’s a fail. The money one invests in those curtains doesn’t shows good results. Well, there is no need to worry now as Spiffy Spools offers you the best curtains & drapes.

There is no need to step out of the house rather buy custom curtains online. Shopping from the market will make you walk under the hot sun to buy get your custom curtains done then going out again after two to three days to pick them. Make it easy for you get your custom drapes done online.


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